Type No.:MAG-Insulation Piercing Tap-off Connectors
This type insulation piercing connectors are suitable for all types of LV-ABC
conductors as well as connecting to service and lighting cable cores.
When tightening the bolts, the teeth of the contact plates penetrate the insulation
and establish a perfect contact. And the tested for voltage withstand of 4KV in air.
Main cable
cross section
2 (mm )
Tap off cable
cross section
2 (mm )
of bolts
size mm
BC21F* 25-70 6-35 1 13
Note: *Delivered with both side of tap line open, one side of main line closed, closed
main or tap sides can be opened according to requirements.
1.The stainless steel bolts and nuts, washer can change it according requirement.
2.The tin-plating copper teeth and aluminum alloy teeth can change it according