Type No.:MAG-Arc-protection Hardware Fitted WIth Installation
Fitting Instruction
1. Choses the right section size of the cable to fit the piercing
Arc-protection hardware. The production must connect the
cathode (negative pole, non power supply side) of insulators,
the position to be struck by electric are must be parallel to line
and placed vertically. Reasonablely arrange the distance of D
and L according to directions for use of insulator to set a path
for lightning stricking without damage to overhead insulation line
and insulators.
Arc-protection Hardware Installation Effect
2. Place the upper plate of hardware parallel to lowers when you
install it, screw the torque nuts tightly, evenly and alternately,
don't stop screwing until
the cap of nuts drops, the spanner is suggested to choose close
type spanner (such as box spanner, double offsetring spanner,
ratchet spanner etc), the opened type spanner is forbidden to
use (such as adjustable wrench, open end wrench etc).
While, different type are-protection hard ware, has different
torque value. So, it is forbidden to change torque bolt without
any guidance during operating.
Arc-protection Hardware Fitted WIth Installation
  3. Install the arcing-plate at the bottom of insulator, keep the
adjust distance (D and L) between arc-protection hardware and
arcing-plate according to instructions.
  4. Fit a insulation cover to close piercing section of arc-protection
hardware, the seizing and the clasp of insulation cover
must be bound firmly.