Type No.:MAG-Lightning-protection check Piercing connector
Overhead insulated wires disconnected to prevent lightning
strikes, and for the maintenance of the inspection during
the construction of electricity and the temporary grounding of
the protection device is suitable for copper, aluminum
overhead insulated conductor.
Model &
Range of wire
area (mm2)
FDL-10/5(50-240) 50-240

1. Full-wave lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak)KV: 100
2. 1min power frequency withstand voltage (RMS) KV: 50
3. Frequency arc current (rms) KA: 12.5
4. Puncture site has a unique waterproof coated insulating paste

Fitting Instruction
This product is installed on the load side line insulator with
alternating torque wrench, tighten the nut symmetry, in which
case the outer conductor should be close to the groove bottom
of the tooth puncture wire insulation should be piercing the internal
conductive layer and the conductor in close connection; and
online clip stands guard outside to install insulation, with a fixed
deduction fixed. insulation shields installed to install
from the size, see above diagram.