Type No.:MAG-Fixing nail for LV-ABC lines SLC SLF
The Fix Nails are designed to install LV-ABC lines (self-supporting or insulated neutral messenger type) alongside walls and poles
with expansion plug by nail. .The LV-ABC cable is fixed to the saddle by a cable tie. A second cable can be installed on the same
support by hanging it to the bottom side with an additional cable tie (to be ordered separately).The body and the cable tie are
made of weather and UV resistant polymer material. The expansion plug part is inserted in a drilled hole @12mm and by hitting
a nail inside fixed to the wall. The wall saddle part is pushed over the expansion plug part untill the self-locking ring snaps in. The
cable tie fixes a variety of cables to the saddle.Usually every 0.7m a saddle is install on a wall. Delivered with cable fixing strap. For
applications on walls or poles with soft material like wood, the expansion lug is simply cut off and the nail directly hammered into
the wood. And it can be hammered into all hard materials directly.
Diameter 16 mm.
Depth 75 mm mini.
Spacing to wal l(mm) Diameter(mm) Diameter of cable
SLC 10
12 20-50