Type No.:MAG-spiral plastic cable wrap

Provides abrasion

protection for wires, cables,
tubing, and hoses.
Attractive makes neat,
compact uniform bundles.
Break-out at any point along
the bundle.
Moisture resistant wi l l not
hold “cable-rotting”
Meets mi l itary and
commercial specifications.
Avai lable in three sizes
covering from 4mm-130mm
diameter bundles.
Quickly appl ied by hand or
by suppl ied hand tool.
Colors: nature and black,
the other colors was on
Product Facts

Economical and quickly appl ied,
it provides continuous abrasion
protection even under severe
SPIRAP plastic wrap is prewound
in continuous lengths.
The diameter of the SPIRAP
plastic wrap is sl ightly smal ler
Spirap plastic wrap is a very practical
way to bundle and harness
cable, wire, tubing and hoses.
than the bundle diameter it is recommen-
ded to protect.
When appl ied, the plastic coi l self
contracts to contain those items being
bundled. This produces a tight, uniform
protective jacket.