Type No.:MAG-Wide Range Sysoebsuib Clamps

The wide-range suspension clamp is a single suspension
clamp covering a wide range of LVABC cable sizes.
The wide-range suspension clamp can be used for LVABC
and ADSS self-supporting optical fiber cables, as well as
medium voltage covered conductors (HVCC and HVCCT).
2 The LVABC clamping range is from 2 x 25 mm
2 up to 4 x 120 mm
The wide-range suspension clamp can be used for line
deviation angles up to 300,
but with small cable sizes 600 is possible.

Easy Operation
The wide range suspension clamp has the added feature of
allowing the cable to be pulled through the clamp during stringing
or tensioning, provided there is little or no line deviation.
Therefore the need for an additional installation roller is avoided in
many cases. During stringing, the keeper is fixed in the raised
parking position, where it allows the cable to pull through the
clamp while also preventing it from jumping out. Pulling stockings
used for stringing, as well as compression joints, can pass easily
through the groove of the clamp. Alternatively, the keeper can be
removed and the cable can be inserted from the side of the clamp.
The keeper is replaced in the parking position for tensioning of the
cable. After stringing, the keeper is clamped tightly onto the cable
with a simple over-centre clipping mechanism. By using cable
binders, a higher slipping load can be achieved if required.
The combined use of the roller suspension clamp at angle poles
and the wide range suspension clamp at straight line poles
ensures quick, efficient, cost effective installation of the line.

·Suitable for a wide range of ABC cables
·Quick assembly
·No tools required
·For line angles up to 30Oand 60O
·Can also be used for stringing and tensioning
·Cable can be inserted from the side
·Reduction of inventory items possible
·Cost effective line installation

For conductors(mm ) Messenger diameter(mm) breaking load
PS5028 2x25mm- 4 120mm 12-42 18