Type No.:MAG-Tension clamps

Tension clamps are used to tension conductors and earth
wires therefore satisfy the most stringent requirements.
There are two basic systems of tension clamps:

1. Detachable clamps, such as wedge-type strain clamps,
wedge tension clamp, straight tension clamp,
bolted type tension clamps, and insulated dead end clamp
which allow for subsequent adjustment.
2. Non-detachable clamps, such as compression dead-end
clamps and tower guy dead end clamp which require absolute
matching to the conductor length.

Obviously our design therefore fulfills the following:
● The clamps must take up the maximum conductor strain,
i.e. they must take up the holding forces stipulated in the
regulations, which as a rule lie between 40% and 65%
of the ultimate conductor strength.
● These requirements do not apply to clamps which are used in
switching substations.The components which transmit the compr

essive force must be designed so that no unacceptable
squeezing of the conductor may take place.
● Vibrations of the conductors are dangerous, especially
at the conductor entrances of the clamps. Safety requirements
can be met by a lightweight construction of the clamp
and a trumpet shape of the terminations, gradual increase
of conductor compression.
● Good corona and radio interference voltage behavior due to
rounded shapes.
● The short circuit capability is excellent due to a narrow
ranged groove which leads to a big contact area.
● The connecting parts of the clamps are adjusted to the
● Maximum corrosion resistance is achieved by using a clamp
material that matches with that of the conductor,
for example a corrosion-resistant alloy for conductors made of
aluminum, alloy, etc.
● Electrical power losses (eddy current losses) are kept to
a minimum by an adequate design.