Type No.:MAG-Aluminum Anchoring Clamps For LV-ABC Lines With Insulated Neutral Messenger
These clamps are designed to anchor LV insulated overhead lines with insulated neutral messenger. The clamp is composed of
a body in aluminium alloy die casted and anti UV black resistant plastic wedges slide inside the body to grip the conductor . A
flexible stainless steel (or galvanized steel type ) bail protected by a plastic saddle permits the fixation to the bracket. The
bracket (1) in aluminium alloy die casted can be fixed to the poles with 2 bolts M14 or with stainless steel straps of 20 x 0,7 mm.
The clamp body in aluminium alloy resists to temperature variations and climatic
conditions. These products are delivered either single (clamp PA or bracket CA), assembled
(clamp + bracket) with 1, 2 or 3 clamps. The bracket is the standard item with two holes.
Neutral messenger
Cross Section(mm )2

Breaking load
working load
54.6-70 PALT1500 15.00KN 5,0KN